Minussi offers to embroider by hand your suit’s buttonholes, a new way to personalise your garments, less expensive than having them custom-made.

boutonnières manchessite

Made-to-measure or Ready-to-Wear, it will give your jackets, trousers and/or waistcoats a touch of artisanal luxury.

All buttonholes are done following the traditional method with silk thread. You will be able to select the colour of the thread in order to allow originality and creativity or you may choose to stay sombre and classic.

Hand embroided Milanese :

Services Price List:

Milanese: 45 euros
Milanese with eyelet and strap: 52 euros
Buttonhole entire jacket: 250 euros
Buttonhole sleeves: 170 euros
Additional buttonhole: 40 euros
Trousers buttonhole: price depends on the number of buttonholes
Waistcoat buttonhole: price depends on the number of buttonholes

Buttonhole idea for lady jacket:

Before / After: Machine buttonhole transformed in hand-made buttonhole:
boutonnieres-avant-apres_1_EN boutonnieres-avant-apres_2_EN

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