A tailor’s granddaughter, Minussi’s founder went back to tradition in order to offer each and everyone the ‘handmade’ incomparable quality. After studying in Paris, she worked for several years in Men’s Tailor Workshops in Italy and France.

Moved by the artisan’s craftsmanship with their dexterity surpassing any machine work, her experiences enhanced her taste for noble materials, refinement and simplicity. They pushed her to master beautiful handmade finishing techniques with the effect and texture leaving no doubt that it is artisanal craft. She naturally specialised in hand silk thread embroidered buttonholes and monogrammed embroidery to ornate jackets and shirts.

The detailed and precise work has the effect of precious jewellery and brings luxury, individuality and distinctiveness to each garment. Therefore Jessica, among other things, offers to enhance your wedding suits with embroidered buttonholes to match your tie. Neophytes will only see details but connoisseurs will be moved and appreciate the pleasure of the beautiful.

Later on, she extended her competences with more specific embroidery techniques such as the gold embroidery and the white embroidery. They are respectively ideal to realise embroidered emblems, brooches and birth gifts for framing or to decorate home linen the way our grandmothers did but with a touch of modernity.

By creating made-to-measure pieces for her clients and enhancing their ready-to-wear garments with handmade finishing touches, Minussi offers luxury to all who appreciate it.